Are you as excited as I am about all the Spring and Summer sweets on the horizon? As the strawberry plants in my garden come to life, I can't help but start to ponder what fruity treats will appear on my favorite blogs and Pinterest in the coming months.

Having edible decorations ready at my fingertips makes planning my own creative sweets easy and fun. When Halloween came around I made sure to have plenty of candy eyeballs and candy spiders on hand, and now that fruit-themed treats are popular I am making lots of strawberry and cherry candy decorations.

Step 1: How to Make Sparkly Cherry Candy Decorations

To make cherry candy decorations you will need:
  • Red Starburst Fruit Chews candies
  • Green shoe string candy
  • Red disco dust
  • Red decorating icing
  • Meringue powder
  • Toothpicks
They are just so cute!!!
I just love these! That cherry is adorable and I love starburst!

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