Introduction: How to Make Edible Bread Bowls

These are bowls made from bread - serve them filled with Chili, soup, stew, curry, casserole or anything you like - eat the filling, then eat the bowl!

They're edible - they're bread-ible.
Completely Consumable Crockery - a Tasty, Toasty Treat.

The recipe for the basic dough is detailed in my other video, here:


Mr. Brownie (author)2009-09-05

Maybe you could add onto this with written instructions so people can print it out?

fritsie123 (author)2009-01-19

The video doesn't seem to work anymore?

starthorn (author)fritsie1232009-01-24

Same result for me. The video doesn't seem to be available at that location anymore.

Mr. Brownie (author)starthorn2009-09-05

Same Here.

LemonLily (author)2009-03-21

I want to make one, but the video doesn't work. These sound so cool!

sooomartha (author)2008-10-23

can you make bread bowl with store bought frozen bread dough?

keureban (author)2008-09-14

This is a cool idea and its making me hungry

Miss World (author)2008-08-18

this is so cool! :) thank you so much for the instructable.

Patrik (author)2008-04-06

Clever! I've always seem the clam chowder version here in CA, where you just take a small loaf of sourdough, slice off the top, and cut out some of the dough in the center. But you always wind up with too much bread, and the center is wasted anyway. I like your approach better...

Atomic Shrimp (author)Patrik2008-04-07

It's interesting... I think there's a strong possibility that aliens, asked to sum up our civilisation in one sentence would (assuming they didn't mention all the wars) say "They like putting things in, or on bread". The clam chowder thing you describe sounds a bit like the serving method for a South African (I've never been there) street food called 'Bunny Chow' - sounds like a brand name for pet food, but actually consists of half a square loaf of crusty bread, with the crumb scooped out and the void filled with meat and gravy or curry. (I sort of had that in mind when I created these bread bowls).

Patrik (author)Atomic Shrimp2008-04-07

Here's a typical example of clam chowder in a bread bowl, courtesy of Food History:

fleatyfleaty (author)Patrik2008-06-07

Clam... Chowder? O.O I <3 Clam Chowder :D

ItsTheHobbs (author)fleatyfleaty2008-08-06

I had this amazing clam chowder in a restaurant in Hollywood, FL when I went to visit. It was somewheres on the broadwalk, and the restaurant had broadwalk in its name. on the menu it says it's 1st place award for something, and it was great.

fleatyfleaty (author)ItsTheHobbs2008-08-10

lemme guess... it costs very high :D

ItsTheHobbs (author)fleatyfleaty2008-08-10

no, actually. 4 bucks a bowl I think.

ItsTheHobbs (author)Patrik2008-04-07

ooohhhhh chowder, bread, bowl!!!!!!! its amazing

Atomic Shrimp (author)Patrik2008-04-07

Thanks - that does look good... mmmmm....

Babyshoes (author)Atomic Shrimp2008-04-07

Yeah, bunny chow is traditionally filled with a sort of curried mince, and the inside bits are served on the side to scoop the mince out instead of using a spoon or fork. I believe it originated amongst the working classes as a quick, easy and filling hot meal that didn't leave a mess afterwards to wash up, as the whole thing was eaten.

YummyPancakes (author)2008-07-08

Instructable version, please? Metacafe is blocked on my computer, and I'm just dying to try this. Thanks!

Oh, and I gave it a 5-star rating anyways. Thanks again!

Eve4000 (author)2008-05-31

*mouth drools at the thought of this and chili* Totally trying this.... I wonder if you can do the same for cookies.... so you can put milk in them...

Great instructable. *thumbs up*

bluesquirrel (author)Eve40002008-07-07

Hmmmm...I imagine it'd be hard to keep a liquid like milk in them without them being very stable. however something like oh say, Ice cream or pudding would be good :D Of course, it all depends on the density of the cookie you make, too, and how the dough is layed out to bake.

Eve4000 (author)bluesquirrel2008-07-08

yeah, you are probably right... the ice cream thing would be the tastiest, but the pudding would be the best bet

Atomic Shrimp (author)Eve40002008-06-02

The cookies idea is interesting... I might have to experiment with it...

Sandisk1duo (author)2008-07-07

This is craxy awesome! i might do this one of these days!

toklatkate (author)2008-07-07

Fantastic. I will have to try this. Great comments and ideas other shared, too. Great instructable and excellent video. Toklatkate

unidyne (author)2008-06-29

I always wondered how to do this. I will try this out for the next family get-together. There will be a lot less bowls to wash!

z3r0 (author)2008-05-26

Yum ... Tim Hortons (Its a coffee/Donut shop in Canada) Makes a thing like this. Definitely a try for me.

caitlinsdad (author)2008-05-26

Yummy! You can also take any dough and drape it over a ball of tinfoil if you don't have ovensafe glass or ceramic bowls for the shape. Grease or spray the forms with nonstick spray to make sure they come off easily. Bake some dough on the side to make the cover/lid.

t.rohner (author)2008-05-19

Wonderful idea, could have thought of that myself ;-) I certainly do it soon, not yet sure what to fill in. Something with cheese comes to my mind, or a "Basler Mehlsuppe". Rate+ Great!

alyce005 (author)2008-04-09

Love it! Just what I need for my husband and son. Thank you

davidprosser (author)2008-04-08

hang on aren't these just yorkshire puddings.... (could be an english thing - google image search it)

No. Yorkshire puds are made of pancake batter and although they do look quite similar, they're much lighter than these bread bowls. Yorkshire puds are often served filled with meat and gravy, but the result is something that goes deliciously soggy and no longer constrains the contents. These bowls last easily long enough for the contents to be eaten without leaking through.

davidprosser (author)2008-04-08

such a great way to reduce the amount of washing up!

ry25920 (author)2008-04-07

mmmmmmm... french onion soup in a bread bowl.(drolling on keyboard) :)

Atomic Shrimp (author)ry259202008-04-07

Now I like the sound of that!

you like the sound of people drooling on keyboards? lol

Darth Trainman (author)2008-04-07

At first I thought it said How to make Edible Bread... But this is really good. Great bowl. Tastes good too. goes good with chili. Hot, jalapeño chili.

westfw (author)2008-04-07

I have some "mini" versions of this - bite sized bread pieces filled with tomato bisque or onion soup. Pretty good, but not very soup-like by the time the soups start out thick and get partially soaked up by the bread... As patrik says, one of these is quite a lot of bread...

Toxictom (author)2008-04-07

I've made bread bowls using large pop-n-fresh type biscuits. I believe they're called "Grands". They're very fast to make. Just form the dough over a bowl and bake. Open a can of clam chowder and you're set. They work great without having to make or wait for the dough to rise.

Poppa Chubby (author)2008-04-07

What a great idea! I use bread bowls for my family all the time, usually the method described below. This is the new standard for me! Easy to understand, good video.

mothflavour2 (author)2008-04-06

it looks like the yorkshire puddings I ate in england. I love bread bowls though, I think I may try this.

They do look like Yorkshire puds (which are also great). The chief difference is that these bread bowls are robust enough to contain hot semi-liquid contents without leaking - the video shows them being served on a plate, but they could actually be eaten completely from the hand.

leebryuk (author)Atomic Shrimp2008-04-07

Yorkshire pudding (at least traditionally made) isn't exactly the healthiest stuff around. But it does taste oh so good.

GorillazMiko (author)2008-04-06

That looks delicious. Heh. Bread-ible.

Thanks. The little ditty was inspired by a Caractacus Potts moment with my kids...

gmjhowe (author)2008-04-07

Yum Yum, nice job! now i have to go find some food to eat.

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