How to Make Edible Bread Bowls





Introduction: How to Make Edible Bread Bowls

These are bowls made from bread - serve them filled with Chili, soup, stew, curry, casserole or anything you like - eat the filling, then eat the bowl!

They're edible - they're bread-ible.
Completely Consumable Crockery - a Tasty, Toasty Treat.

The recipe for the basic dough is detailed in my other video, here:



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Maybe you could add onto this with written instructions so people can print it out?

The video doesn't seem to work anymore?

Same result for me. The video doesn't seem to be available at that location anymore.

I want to make one, but the video doesn't work. These sound so cool!

can you make bread bowl with store bought frozen bread dough?

This is a cool idea and its making me hungry

this is so cool! :) thank you so much for the instructable.

Clever! I've always seem the clam chowder version here in CA, where you just take a small loaf of sourdough, slice off the top, and cut out some of the dough in the center. But you always wind up with too much bread, and the center is wasted anyway. I like your approach better...