Tylose glue or a.k.a gum glue is an edible glue that is used when cake decorators need to adhere gumpaste or fondant together. e.g for making gumpaste flowers or gumpaste/fondant figurines etc. There are a range of different edible glues that are used in cake decorating but I just happen to like this one the most, it dries clear has the easiest prep time and last a long time.

Step 1: What You Need

Tylose Powder Small/medium Container or Jar With A Lid Water Clean paintbrush and/or fork (Keep in mind you only want to use a brand new paintbrush or one that is used specifically for cake decorating)

Step 2:

Add a pinch and no more of the Tylose to the water.... TYLOSE GOES A LONG WAY....so don't add to much it's just not necessary.

Step 3:

Give it a good stir or put the lid on and shake well, do this until the powder has dissolved and you get a syrup, glue like consistency.... You may need to use a clean paint brush to help it along. It will look clumpy to begin with that's fine just keep at it until its all dissolved use a fork if you have to.

Step 4: Your Done!

The image for this instructable looks like the glue is pink but it was actually clear.... If After 30+ minutes you see your glue going chunky and super thick it's because you need more water to balance it out. Remember you want a syrup consistency, so if its to runny add a tiny bit more Tylose if its to thick add abit more water.... Tylose can be stored at room temperature but best kept in the fridge for a longer lasting product. When using your Tylose glue, keep your brushes clean during each application If the glue is becoming cloudy and/or has a bad Odour it's well an truly time to toss that and make a new one. And that's it! HAPPY CAKE DECORATING!!! Candz
Can you use this to adhere gold leaf? Does it smooth out the surface any?
<p>I was in a cake decorating class last year, so I know now how to make this, thanks for the memories flowing back to me after reading this recipe!!</p>
Your Very Welcome!!!
Cool! I'd never heard of that, thanks for sharing :)

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