Step 2: Trim Your Fabric and Get Sticky!

First you will need to trim your fabric;
*Place the bead at the end of the fabric, and roll it around, trim the fabric so that there is just a little overlap.
*Next you want to trim the long edge so that when the fabric is rolled around the bead there is just enough fabric to tuck into the hole of  the bead.
* Now that you have trimmed your fabric cover the back of the fabric with glue ( Now I have tried many different kinds of glue and the glue stick is the only one that doesn't seep through the fabric)
                             Oh and don't worry it should hold, I have had some of my jewelry for over a year with out any problems!
<p>Thank you very much</p>
Great tutorial, thank you very much!<br>I wonder if it would work with plastic beads? I have some ugly plastic balls I bought by mistake... I wonder if I could cover them with fabric to make them usable =)
As long as the beads are smooth I don't see why it wouldn't work. Good luck!
Very nice, and an easy to make idea!! thanks! :))
Very pretty! Thanks for sharing your hard work!
Cool! What a great way to make your bead more interesting!
Thank you!

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