Picture of How To Make 'Fairies' In A Jar
This is a really fun instructable.
All you will need is :
Glow Sticks
A Jar
And Some Sparkles .

Step 1: Step One: Cutting Glow Sticks

Picture of Step One: Cutting Glow Sticks
First thing you need to do is open the jar and cut the glow stick(s).
Carefully shake the glow stick into the jar, eventually you will see a long stick like substance come out of the glow stick carefully cut it into pieces, still holding glow stick in the jar.
TrucD11 months ago

These chemicals aren't toxic or poisonous as you may think. But if it gets into your eyes you get blind.

Gonazar2 years ago
uhhhhh aren't the chemicals in those things toxic?
DemiMargita2 years ago
is there any other way to make fairies in a jar without using glowsticks?
Jerrib2 years ago
How long does it last? 6-8 hours or more?
Gumby452 years ago
Good to see something I can actually do on instructables every once in a while (definitely not the technical or culinary expert, at all)...and best of all, this looks very cool. :D
suzzyq13923 years ago
Hi, very cool project. Do you need to keep the top on the jar once the project is complete? I was thinking of using this as a vase for my daughters room. Not with real flowers, artificial, so there would not be any water in it, but I am just not sure about having to keep a top on it. Thanks in advance for your response!