Introduction: How to Make Fake Apples

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What you need fabric red and green sandwich bags brown yarn and scissors.

Step 1: Cut Fabrics

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Cut the red fabric into a square big enough to take most room in the sandwich bag but small enough to be able to it the bag close .

Step 2: And the Bag

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Role the red fabric square into a ball and put it in a sandwich bag.

Step 3: Tie the Bag Closes

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Wrap brown yarn around the top of the bag double knot the yarn and cut it so it looks like a stem.

Step 4: Add Leaves

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Cut the green fabric into a small rectangle that fits around the top of the bag. Tie the rectangle around the top of the bag to make the leaves on the apple.

Step 5: Enjoy

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Now you can enjoy a apple that you can toss around throw at somebody or make a lot off apples and pretend to go apple picking.


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