Step 2: Design and start construction.

Picture of Design and start construction.
Thinking I could make a shape with cardboard as well, I made extensions out of cardboard that were glued onto the box with regular white glue. I let these sit over night to ensure that the glue was dried, and the bond was strong. It's sometimes easier to do these type of projects in stages, no hurry, no rush.
strmrnnr6 years ago
I have been trying to think of ways to get rid of the unrecyclable plastic that people are complaining about. One idea is to grind the plastic up and mix it into our own soils. If the pieces are small enough the root systems of plants should have no problem growing around and through them. This project would be a good idea also. You could fill that box with at least 6-8 dozen ground up bottles before gluing the ribs on. You would still have to dispose of the plastic when the rock breaks but from the looks of this one you did that will be some time from now. Great job, and excellent idea.
yah lets take un-biodegrable and unrecycleable plastic and put it back where ppl were complaining about it being first of all... its not the root system that is effected by un-recycleable plastic.. might want to hit the chalk board again