Introduction: How to Make Feathers Light

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These are the ingredient you need:
(1)A Bottle From Bathroom
(2)Carving Knife Set
(3)Groundwood Paper
(5)Electronic Candies(NOT REAL CANDIES!)

Step 1: Ready Your Bottle~

Picture of Ready Your Bottle~

Wash the bottle and tear off the label.

Step 2: Cut,cut,cut...

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(1)Cut off the head of the bottle.
(2)Cut the bottle like the pictures.

Step 3: One Feather,two Feathers...

Picture of One Feather,two Feathers...

(1)Using groundwood paper to make a layer for the bottle surface.
(2)Using this type of knife(according to the pictures) to create feathers(according to the pictures).
(3)Using groundwood paper to make a layer for the bottle surface again.

Step 4: Caution!

Picture of Caution!

You could stick the electronic candies inside the bottle by using Bostik!
This is the end of the feathers light.
I 'm looking forward to see your light!
Hope you enjoy this 'step by step'.


craftyv (author)2011-05-03

Very Nice. Perhaps you could replace the real candles in your (Feathers Light) photo's, with the battery one as seen in this Instructable. This way your safety massage is consistant. I must admit that this was my concern when I first saw the Feather Light.. Another question. In your instructions you say sand (rub the surface) the bottle, scrape the feathers and then sand the bottle again. Is that correct and why sand twice? Could you also show the "backside" of the bottle to confirm that is in half. Very delicate work. I thought it was acid etched till I realised the bottle was plastic. Well done.

CH3 (author)craftyv2011-05-07

It is because sand twice can make the feathers become white.Thx for your comment.^^

craftyv (author)CH32011-05-07

Ok. i am going to have a go. Thanks.

CH3 (author)craftyv2011-05-07

My pleasure~

CH3 (author)2011-04-29

Thank you so much~

Browncoat (author)2011-04-28

What a neat idea! :)

scoochmaroo (author)2011-04-28

Great! Thanks for sharing your technique.

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