Pull the pin and throw the grenade away. You can use them as fire starters or as a light or heat source.
Video won't work
Dude that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br>
AWESOME works great outside.. 4.5 :)
What if you hollow out a candle and jam the matches in?<br />
the wax puts the fire out, need a wick to burn wax. hence why a candle can burn for hours
Now invent a grenade that shoots out burning napalm lol 'Hand held fire starting cannon'
why not just make a flamethrower?
a better way to make a fire grenade is to use HTH/ glycerin method. HTH is sold in the pool supply as a chlorinator (also called &quot;shock&quot;). Glycerin can be found at almost any pharmacy section. KEEP THESE SEPARATE!!! until you are ready to start a fire. then place about 3-4 teaspoons of HTH in a zip-top bag, add about a teaspoon of glycerin, seal quickly and throw/drop/place. YOU HAVE ABOUT 15-30 SECONDS BEFORE THE REACTION WILL IGNITE. first you will notice the mixture bubbling and then it will turn brown, then black then WOOOOSH IT IGNITES LIKE THE FLICK OF A SWITCH.
this is one cool and helpful video. I saw people wanted it in word form so I helped out and did it for you so here it is. Make a Fire Starter Grenade This is a 'grenade type' fire starter. Just pull on the pin and throw it! It can also be used as a light or heat source. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU DO WITH IT. Materials Foil, seran Wrap, Box of Matches, Scissors, Masking Tape, A Drinking Straw, a rubber band Paper Towels, Hot Glue Gun, Pliers, Lighter Fluid, and a Key Ring. Step 1 Cut the Straw in half Step 2 Take a piece of the tissue and close of one end of the straw with it using tape Step 3 Cut the striker off the box of matches Step 4 Stick the striker through the key ring and fold in half and trim it a little Step 5 Use a little tape to secure the key ring on the striker Step 6 Use the scissors to scrape the sulfur off the matches Step 7 Fill the straw with the sulfur powder from the match heads Step 8 Use glue gun to glue more matches in a circle to the top of the straw with the heads up and use the scissors to cut the head off one more match and put the head in the middle of the circle Step 9 Use glue gun to put the sulfurless match sticks around the bottom of the straw in a circle Step 10 Take a paper towel square and fold it to the length of the match/straw device and is just below the match heads. Then use the glue gun to glue it to the device and wrap it around the device then use the glue gun to seal it off Step 11 Take the saran wrap and cover the paper towel with one layer of it and use the glue gun to attach it Step 12 Use the glue gun to attach a piece of foil to the top of the device near the match heads Step 13 Take the rest of the powdered sulfur and pack it into the bottom of the device Step 14 Attach the striker (with the key ring taped to it) to the top of the device on the match heads with the rubber band Step 15 Take the lighter fluid and soak the bottom of the device with it. The paper towel will absorb it. Make sure to soak it enough so that is the whole paper towel is covered with it but not too much to where it is dripping wet and getting everywhere Step 16 (optional) I would suggest that if you would like to keep it for a longer period of time that after you soak the device with the lighter fluid, you use more plastic wrap to seal off the bottom of the device to prevent the lighter fluid from evaporating Step 17 You’re done. Now go out and test it SAFELY. !!!REMEMBER!!! I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS DEVICE. THIS WAS JUST AN INSTRUCTION ON HOW TO MAKE IT. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK AND DON’T GET CAUGHT.
Paragraphs. :)<br />
It defeats the purpose It is time consuming waistfull and not compact and unreliable notgood for camping or survive pay 50cents for a pack of lowers you get 5 that do the same thing I want my 10min back
Be quiet and look at the bigger picture.<br /> <br /> No one said that this was only for starting fires.<br />
I love this, but this is an arson grenade... <br />
hey u need to make an instructble instead of a vid<br /> <br />
Great job! I use these alot for various reasons. I do have a couple of suggestions, though.<br/>1. Use tin foil instead of plastic wrap, plastic releases toxic smoke upon burning.<br/>2. Use your glue gun on LOW temp. ONLY!<br/>Great instructable with great results, you earned a 4.5!<br/><br/>Plus, I've got a video of another one of my firestarters, a little more explosive though, but it was designed for the same reason. The first part of the video is just a giant flame, the end is a little more suprising, though.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBOcssDznew&amp;feature=channel_page">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBOcssDznew&amp;feature=channel_page</a><br/>Cheers!<br/> ~F!nnster<br/>
When you click the link, you can't see the video<br /> <br /> <br />
Is there any alternatives for the straw, plastic wrap, or hot-glue. burning these at my camp is not aloud, and plus there bad for the environment. Great instructable by the way, 4 stars, though having typed directions would help a lot, thx
I think the plastic wrap is optional, and the hot glue could in theory be&nbsp;substituted&nbsp;by PVA glue.
what camp man u dont live in a house??????
Are those strike anywhere matches and do you have to cover it in plastic wrap andaluminum foil? thks in advance
&nbsp;I think the matches are safety matches, otherwise you could use anything rough in the pin. The plastic wrap and aluminium foil are in fact optional, as the only part truly needed is the part that actually burns, although i suppose it makes it more &quot;grenadey&quot;.
It seems to me that your fire grenade is more of a toxic grenade. I mean you using plastic wrap,&nbsp; hot glue, and aluminum foil (even though it won't burn much). If you ask me this grenade should only be for bomb fires. Also the grenade probably won't lite a log all that well without kindling (paper or small wood). And if your going to use kindling you might as well start a fire the right way.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> Although I do like the idea for the starting mechanism. <br />
My pull ring thing doesnt work...
hm... i knew something like this this before just with a petard instead of the straw, but this is very good 5/5 stars
petard? What is it?
i did aswell
Good fire starter but u could substite the match powder for sparkler powder that is in the straw
Great job... but you could just use the matcehs. =]<br/>
Wow! this is a great video! I wouldn't soak it too much with the fluid though... you almost burned yourself it looked like. A longer delay would be better. Otherwise, great video and easy to follow instructions!
if you make the matches stick out a little farther there will be more of a delay time thanks a lot DUDE! great vid!!!! 6 out of 5
actually i didn't burned my self. Its the camera who has a probleme with intense light... it makes light were their is none.
lol u broke your arm Ü
yay perfect for camping !!!!!
was that lightstarter? about how much would it cost?
use wax paper it burns better
great job! 4.5! but can you do another one that has typed directions so i can print it?
I have only one question. why not just strike a match? I think I know the answer. This is more fun. Great job! 5 stars!
definitely going to make one of these
whats the name of the first song? i liked it! and the grenade too
I tried it without the lighter fluid and it still worked pretty well. great Instructable.
why wrap it in plastic wrap?
to keep the lighter fluid inside
I'd make the ring of matches stick out more, so it burns down a bit before it lights the rest of it off, an inch or two farther out should work.
Very nice results man!
that's an awesome fire starter it makes it so easy to do light a fire it would be cool though if you did it with a book of matches also what is the name of the first song?
Very good video alot of effort put in and cool grenade/firestarter but if you used it as a grenade outdoors ued kinda set the place on fire hahah (5 outa 5)<br/><br/>=) =-| =+@ =P <br/>
Dude sweet video, love the 'ible too. Very informative and clear and great thing to make if I am going camping and have a hard time lighting wood. also what are the names of those songs you have playing in your video.
you should make match head-lighter fluid mixture, and soak the paper in it then wrap it up so the lighter fluid doesn't evaporate. OR i just thought of this, make the gun cotton fluid, soak the paper THEN make the grenade. also, how did you beak your arm>

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