How to Make Fire Under Water !!? (DIY)





Introduction: How to Make Fire Under Water !!? (DIY)

Making Fire Under Water Seems To Be Impossible But With Sparklers Its No Longer Impossible . It Sounds Crazy But Its True You Can Make Fire Under Water At Home . Try It , Its A Very Cool Experiment.

Step 1: What You Will Need :

Two Easy Component :

Electric Sparklers

Tape ( Clear Tape )

Step 2: How to Make It ?

Step 3: Please Support Me

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Step 4: Contact Us



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    31 Discussions

    wow i didnt know there was such thing as fire under water

    1 reply

    Yea Its Fantastic ,Thanks For Your Comment And Sorry For Being Late

    The thing I did not understand u sis not say where to put the tape by that I mean the steps I would really like to do it if I have known the steps

    1 reply

    :D first of all thank you for your comment , then iam sorry if the steps are not clear .

    there is no spesific place to put tape on it just make sure that water cant get inside .

    don't you get it. he says it's fire under water puts a generic picture of sparklers and it's just a shout out for himself. people like this should be aloud to do it.

    2 replies

    Thanks for your comment , really i didnt get the gist of the comment but if you look at the picture its fire under water , what is your definition for fire, you think its not fire? or what ? . Thank you again for your comment

    Thank you guys for your comments , i will get your comments very importantly . for the next time i will make a better one as you want :D