How To Make Fire Without Matches or a Lighter

video How To Make Fire Without Matches or a Lighter
1. Steel Wool
2. A 9 volt battery (any battery will work, but 9 volt batteries are the easiest)
Kirbsome!5 years ago
Its good, but if you don't have matches, you probably wouldn't have batteries or steel wool either. good though!
woody558 (author)  Kirbsome!5 years ago
Steel wool is great for tinder, and batteries can be used for many things.
But, for example, if I was in the wilderness, lost, alone, and confused, I doubt I would be able to find a Battery and steel wool.
Pizzapie5005 years ago
Lol! This is called a 5 min video and it's 1:02 mins. Anyway this is awesome! I had no idea this would work! Also, would it work with #3 steel wool?
rlawrence6 years ago
i have watched this video on practically evry website that is about making stuff, the EXACT same video.
Nice Instructable, but it has been done before.
andrewbaker6 years ago
Phocian6 years ago
Well I'll be damned. That is a good idea.