Picture of How To Make Firefox The Most Useful Web Browser There Is
If you are already not convinced that firefox is better than everything out there, here are a few tips and tweaks that will make you want to switch. If you are using firefox, maybe you still didn't know about these.

Step 1: Getting Firefox

Picture of Getting Firefox
Just download and install firefox... Works with just about every operating system there is... But don't get the beta, there aren't as many themes and plugins for those

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plznothanks4 years ago
Wesfletch4 years ago
To tell the truth, Firefox isn't necessarily the BEST. I find that Google Chrome is faster for everyday surfing, while Firefox has much faster flash capabilities. Firefox is also more customizable, but, the "best" really depends on your needs. I personally swap back and forth between the 2.
Yes, I agree, but I also understand that chrome runs YouTube very well, it is created by the owners, and YouTube is the only flash I use.
Ah well, I'm young and quite addicted to flash games. I find that chromes just a bit laggy with anything too graphic intensive.
O, maybe I should try firefox with the powder game and falling sand, I do play those and they really lag.
Yeah, a good game I use to test speed is Dust on NotDoppler. It requires very good flash, and lag is obvious.
Thanks, I never realized that my browser could be the lager, now those games run much better, I guess I will have to keep Firefox even though I only use it for one thing.
Woogaus4 years ago
I'm running version 3.6.10 Firefox and when I clicked on the tab it automatically had Instructables listed, all I had to do was acknowledge it. I haven't tried it with any other sites yet.
The Beta version of Firefox 4 is available, and it did much better, it actually went back to original, found my most visited, and automatically made them bookmarks, without me importing old info.
jj.inc Woogaus4 years ago
Chrome does the same thing, I type In and then I just hit enter, I don't even have to click the down arrow or the actual drop down, it just auto goes in unlike any other browser.
Woogaus4 years ago
When I typed in about:config, I got a lot more than 3 or 4, haven't counted them, but I would say close to 1000 lines.
Lftndbt7 years ago

Internet explorer > Firefox >>> OPERA

Nice Instructable though... ;)
jj.inc Lftndbt4 years ago
Just so you know, You need to swap > to < unless OPERA sucks 4 times worse than IE.

IE<Opera< =Firefox!!!=
heyzuphowsitgoin (author)  Lftndbt7 years ago
thanks I;'ll try opera out! thanks for the advice :p
erikals5 years ago
there's an extension I use called Net Usage Item. It takes an XML feed from your ISP's data usage page and shows it in a handy bar in your tool bar.
ampaxx6 years ago
a nice add on, if you use gmail, is gspace. it allows you to easily store files using the storage space in your gmail
john 6216 years ago
will tweak work with firefox 3.0.6 ? cant get past step #4 or this info does,nt applie i reset verything back to there defaults
camel flag6 years ago
because u have a proxy on chalky
Dms124446 years ago
Thanks, I am using firefox right now (although I have been for 4 years now) and i just made it better. ps:seriously nice job, In my opinion though I do like Opera web browser as well.
chalky6 years ago
in the "speed her up" category of your instructable you said they were only three options but i have four so what gives??
dariel24 chalky6 years ago
yeah i have 4 options too, just modify the:
network.http.pipelining.maxrequests---20 or 30

and ignore the fourth, or in mine it says
chalky dariel246 years ago
network.http.pipelining.ssl is the third option in my pipe config??
see enclosed clip i have already changed it from false to true,so should i change it back??
thanks in advance
dariel24 chalky6 years ago
i also dont know. well if your firefox is still working i dont think you need to change it back... even if you ignore it (back to false) firefox still runs very fast. you decide.
chalky chalky6 years ago

PS/firefox roxxxxxs

dariel247 years ago
from years ago.....
and now my firefox is even BETTER
thanks for the GREAT instructibles
ps, i rate this instructibles with 5 star :-P
FIREFOX ROX! Anyways, I knew about the pipelining, but not the rest.
nomax7 years ago
I recommend the add-on fast-dial, you can have your favoured websites as thumbnails for faster access (like in opera):

Holy crap, I have had Firefox for ever, and didn't know you could speed it up. Just tried it, and its like moving from dial up to hi speed all over again. This thing is on some serious speed now. Thanks!
martymunch7 years ago
I just got a new Mac and started using Firefox (about two weeks ago) after someone else had recommended it. Good ideas, I did steps two through five and there is a definite noticeable difference. Thanks!
enza997 years ago
"This sets the maximum number of requests that can be sent to a server via pipelining before anything is sent back to the browser. You can choose between 1 to 8."
Making Firefox faster: editing your about:config
enza99 enza997 years ago
forgot to say thats for network.http.pipelining.maxrequests
btw i was looking for this i havnt seen it on here yet =P
Fasterfox makes firefox soo much better, and sorry to tell you but Opera sucks, it goes
tjsdaname7 years ago
safari is also good for windows...... but firefox rules!!!!
Monkey T.7 years ago
Okay, another add-on i tottally LOVE! is yoono, try it!
Monkey T.7 years ago
never mind, whoops
Monkey T.7 years ago
my firefox doesn't have any different themes, how to i get them, r they free?
chuckr447 years ago
I also use Infolister to list all my add-ons and their versions. Very handy as I can save the output then post into a forum if you are having browser problems.
chuckr447 years ago
I use Adblock to block regular and flash ads in Firefox. It works great.
sorry to say but themes slow it down alot
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