Step 1: A Sorting Your Bands

Put your bands in piles of what couloir they are

Step 2: Making You R Bands

Get your first band and put it on the peg or finger in a shape of an 8

Now get the other couloir and put it on and then the couloir you started with on then hook the bottom band and pull it over and put it on the top band then do the same to the other side next take another band put it on and hook the bottom band and take it over to the top and do the same with the other side at you r last band put it on then hook the 2ones under it and take them to the other band and place if on do the same with the other side then take off the band and make sure you don't let it go or you will have to do it all over AGAIN then clip it and your done

Step 3: Finished

Then your all done sorry if it doesn't make sense please follow me and make sure to like this and if anyone knows how to turn off your privacy settings for photos tell me in the comments slidder201 out

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