How to Make Flapjacks Chewy Version





Introduction: How to Make Flapjacks Chewy Version

Basically how to make a flapjack

Step 1: Ingredients

as i live in the uk some ingredients may be different.

Any oats 125 g
Margarine 150 g
Golden syrup 75 g
Sugar 75 g


Step 2: Detailed Instructions for Chewy Flapjack

1.Put the margarine, sugar & golden syrup in saucepan (or microwaveable bowl if using a microwave oven) and heat until it is all liquid.
2.Meanwhile line the baking tin with greaseproof paper.
3.Mix all the oats into the liquid.
4.Put the mixture into the baking tin & press flat.
5.Bake at 175 deg C (Gas Mark 4) for 25 to 30 minutes. Warning: the timing is tolerant but accuracy in temperature is critical.
6. Slice into 8 fingers (by cutting into half along the perpendicular bisector of two sides and into quarters perpendicular to the first cut) before it sets but leave in place in tin.
7.Leave to cool and set.

Step 3: Well Done

well done for finishing now enjoy stay tuned to me as soon I will post a knex batarang.



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    Enter it by accident

    He can, but I think most people will notice that this isn't a robot...

    ohhhhhh i get it the robots INSIDE the flapjack, in times of emergency hunger little legs pop out and it will run to you, nice idea ! lol

    For US readers, golden syrup is corn syrup, such as Karo brand.

    Yes its new and never be tried it doesnt come back to you but is basically hard to break I have two version singular easy and advanced, advanced has a lot more power deppending on how fast you throw an the singular folds up.

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