Introduction: How to Make Flower Pens

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Step 1: What You'll Need

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• Fake flowers • hi temp. Hot glue gun • green Duct Tape • Pens • Pliers That's all you need !

Step 2: Pull

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Pull out the flat top of the pen with the pliers WARNING : it's going to be kinda hard to pull it out

Step 3: Duct Tape

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Wrap the duct Tape around the pen.

Step 4: Space

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Leave a small space so the pen cap can still fit on

Step 5: Hot Glue

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Put hot glue in the empty spot where we took out the cap

Step 6: Done

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Let it dry and your all done !

Step 7: Style

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Now you can write in super cute colorful floral pens ! Hope you enjoyed this craft see you later!.


foobear (author)2013-09-02

good work, they look good

Miami Heat! (author)2013-08-19

Thank you socksmonkeysduckstape

Miami Heat! (author)2013-08-18

Thanks poofrabbit

poofrabbit (author)2013-08-18

Very cute!

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