Step 9: Group Hug

Picture of Group Hug
Soon, this gathering turns into a bumping party and everyone is meeting new people and their sense of insecurity is gone. At the end everyone exchanges contact information and quickly becomes friends. :)
myonlystory3 years ago
omg! so cute and i love the little bunny figures, how did you make/ where did you buy?? please reply! lol so cute :)
mwicksey3 years ago
Haha omg :) Ill have to try this out.
Neon Panda4 years ago
Great tutorial :]

Woah! Those figures are epic! Where do u get them from / how did you make them? Please reply. Xx
startree5 years ago
OMG that is so cool, and so useful! I'm gonna send it to all the lonely people i know!!
Grimdopple7 years ago
butters87547 years ago
wow thats defenitly one of the coolest things ive seen on this site!!! Very creative instructable and the concept is also true, be nice to others and soon you'll have a friend.
svburson7 years ago
I love it! I love it so much. Especially how they remember not to leave out poor little lonely creepster.
mepony347 years ago
aww there sooo cute, where did you get those cute little guys?
tonefour7 years ago
the use of those weird bunny figurines and words make this instructable very amusing.