How to Make GhostFace (ScreamMask) Wall Piece




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Introduction: How to Make GhostFace (ScreamMask) Wall Piece

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Make your own ghostface wall piece. 
You will need,
- 1/4" plywood
- Jigsaw or scrollsaw
- Drill
- Sandpaper
- carving knife, razor blades or chisels
- wood glue, or white glue

Step 1: Draw Ghostface

my measurements were 8.5" wide and 17.5" long 

Step 2: Cut Out Basic Shapes

Trace the outside of your stencil onto one sheet of plywood, 
clamping two sheets together cut out two shapes of the mask 
Again using the stencil, cut out the eyes, nose and mouth 
on one sheet. 
sand edges to an angle on the back of the eyes nose and mouth

Step 3: Clamp Together

Clamp together and sand edges round once dry

Step 4: Cut Out Eyes

Cut out eyes and sand down till flush with the back board. 

Step 5: Glue All Together

Glue eyes on and once dry sand smooth inside And Do all your last minute sanding. and touch ups.  get it ready for paint 

Step 6: Paint, Paint, Paint

Paint entirely white and once whites dry paint black.   and clear coat  and done



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    yep, i glued it together with weldbond white glue, and used tremclad paints

    2 replies

    thanks, cool. im also working on the design for uka uka and aku aku wall pieces. im making both of them. the drawings taking a while but it is turning out nicly. this one will be easy to draw.

    yeah the drawing takes the longest, and after that its pretty smooth sailing. id like to see how yours turn out

    did you glue it together and what brand of paint did you use??