Picture of How To Make Goo
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Step 1: Getting Things Together

Picture of Getting Things Together
You will need: A cup of cold water A big spoon Lots of flour Food colouring of any color

Step 2: Putting Things In

Picture of Putting Things In
Once you've put the flour in pour about 1/4 of the water in then stir. Until it is quite wet keep stirring.

Step 3: Entering The Food Colouring

Picture of Entering The Food Colouring
Pour a little bit, enough to change colour of the flour, into the bowl, don't waste it all or you'r mum might be angry.

Step 4: Going Stiff

Picture of Going Stiff
If the flour starts to go stiff, add a little bit of water just to make it damp and if the food colouring starts to fade away because of the water add some of that too.

Step 5: Nearly The End

Picture of Nearly The End
Keep stirring and it's normal if your hands start to hurt. Don't leave the goo on its own because it might dry . Remember just add water. Hopefully your goo is now a success!
hiedi.delorme9 months ago

i did it it did not work so yah

Please include a picture of the final product and preferably use that picture as your main picture.