How to Make Good Smelling Sticks





Introduction: How to Make Good Smelling Sticks

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Materials Any kind of perfume Cup or jar 4 cooking sticks Towel This is a really easy decoration/craft and it doesn't take much time to do

Step 1: Starting Out

Lay out your towel on the ground or on a table and then lay out your cooking sticks apart from one another

Step 2: The Perfume

Spray each stick until they smell fresh and smell like fragrance

Step 3: Finishing Up

Once you have sprayed each stick throughly then carefully place them in your cup/ jar Put a little bit of perfume in the cup/ jar to make it last longer

Step 4: Placing It

Place it in a nice place like on a table or by a window;)) now you have a nice smelling room in whichever room you put it I your house;))) Follow me Comment Like it And view it which you already are right now;)))) so thx!!



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