How to Make Great Fish Bait





Introduction: How to Make Great Fish Bait

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My dad showed me how to do this and me and him have caught some fat fish with it. Works best in trout streams.

Step 1: What You Need

Rubber minnow
Hitch hiker (spring thing)
Fishing line

Step 2: The First Part

Screw in the hitch hiker.

Step 3: The Second Part

Squish in the weight. You can experiment with different weights in different places.

Step 4: The Third Part

Tie the line to the hitch hiker and tie the other end to the hook, And stick the hook through the minnow. The line in beetwen the hook and the hitch hiker has to be the right length. Look at the picture to know how much slack to leave.

Step 5: Gone Fishin'

Now twitch it through the water and have fun!



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    4 Discussions

    why wouldn't you just rig it the right way and twitch it through the water?

    I'm not sure what that hitch hiker thing is, could you explain a bit more? Do you get them in a tackle shop?

    1 reply

    A hitch hiker is just a name for something. You can find them in bass pro shops catalog or cabelas catalog.