How To Make Great Homemade Mozzarella


Step 12: Finished Mozzarella

Picture of Finished Mozzarella
You have now just made your very own Mozzarella.

I don't know how long the cheese will last in the fridge as I always use it straight away.

Mozzarella is best stored in slightly salted water, in an airtight container in the fridge.

roy.pierson.1610 months ago

Can you use fresh milk from a cow with cream still in it?

And I do mean fresh like in from tit to pot fresh just strained nothing else done to it

ustky3 years ago
Hi thomas9666. I was very excited to find this. I live in Taiwan and it is near impossible to find fresh mozzarella here, especially where I live. I tried it tonight for the first time, but I failed. Everything was to the letter and looked perfect up through pressing the curds. But then I could not get them to stretch. I dropped in my test curd when the whey hit 150 degrees, then checked it at 160, 165, 170, 175, etc. up until nearly boiling. Each time the curd just broke apart. These curds were very hard, just like paneer. At 195 I just dumped everything into the whey and let it sit for two minutes. I tried to mold using rubber gloves, but everything just crumbled apart, dry and not at all elastic. After a while I gave up, repressed the curds and intend to maybe use it like paneer. But, I want mozzarella. Do you have any suggestions about what I did wrong? I used 2 liters of whole milk, 1/2 tsp citric acid, liquid rennet and spring water. I will try again anyway, but would love any suggestions.
I think the reason for your problem could be in the milk that you are using. pasteurized (low heat) is best for making cheese at home. UHT ( ultra high Temperature sterilisation, or long life milk) is nigh on impossible to make mozzerella with. Besides all the goodness has been removed from it. UHT is the only kind of 'fresh milk' you get in most asian supermarkets, unless you source straight from the farm your best sticking to making paneer. Hope this helps.
thegreat584 years ago
If you want the motz to last the longest, after it's formed, put it in a jar or glass bowl and cover it with whey that is cool, it will last a long time as long as it's covered with whey. once it's been formed, ypu can jazz it up a bit by adding fresh chives, garlic, or other herbs, by simply dicing the herb really small and neading it into the formed motz with your hands, before shocking it with the cold water.
klh720554 years ago
I love this.. I have made Cheddar Cheese Cottage Cheese my next one is to make Mozzerella.. MMM good.
ON this site they have a nifty cheese press that you can make also. I made ours in just under an hour
primadiana4 years ago
Wow!! This seems so fool proof! I learned how to do it using the microwave. It never came out right. Have you tried making it using powdered milk or lower fat milk?
dbbd4 years ago
A good instructible. It seems like a lot of work.

How does the result compare to store-bought Mozzarella in terms of quality and cost?
ntanner4 years ago
I store it in the whey with salt. trust me, its how the pros do it.
That is correct.. Using whey is easier and what I use at Cedar Grove Cheese in Plain, WI. The whey is already a medium that is at the right acidity level. Your brining solution should have the same relative pH or TA as the cheese. You could just use distilled or well water (not tap the fluoride and chlorine play ion games in the brine) with a cap of distilled vinegar or some citric acid and salt. But you need to have some level of acidity in the brine to give it shelf life and the whey is already at the level.
thomas9666 (author)  ntanner4 years ago
I tried that once with the other recipe, the balls I made turned to mush before I could use them... I'll try this the next time I make mozzarella
This looks like a good easy recipe for making mozzarella! Ill def have to try it! Thanks :D