How to Make Ground Fireworks for Under 3$





Introduction: How to Make Ground Fireworks for Under 3$

How To Make Ground Fireworks For Under 3$



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    yeh...I don't think that axe would do much...use alcohol or lighter fluid or gas if you want flammability.....

    we used lighter fluid a little just didnt show it

    hmmm...well, what other flammable liquid could you use.....thinking.....

    purple pvc pipe primer is really flammable... the only thing is that it gives off a nasty toxic can aslo use the pipe solvent welder thing

    r u kidding? axe is insane for flammability

    I agree with cowsayingmoo 102. You can get kerosene at some gas stations....... also lighter fluid would work great. if you want something explosive you could just make a molotov cocktail. It's the cheapest firework ever invented. Just use plastic bottles instead of glass. Or you may end up with a couple eyes less than you would have expected due to shrapnel

    axe is acually not very flamable at all. yes i know it makes a big flame when you light the stream of it coming out of the can but that is the propane and butane propellants in the can and noy the axe itself. so if you want flamability gasoline would be good.

    come on and fix the video!!! How can i pop those on 4th of july if i dont know how to make them?!

    how can i watch this video if it is removed!!