Introduction: How to Make Guinea/rabbit Bowl

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This instructable is how to make an easy guinea pig or rabbit pellet bowl only using three items!

Do not worry, they won't eat the plastic, it's in their nature.

Step 1: Get the Following

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Guinea pig/rabbit food

Used yogurt tub (wash it out first)

Step 2: The Cutting

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First, get your yogurt container and cut it quite low all around so it looks like this

Step 3: Now Fill

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All you have to do is fill it with pellets or treats and it's finished


ℱɑвʊʟoʊsʗoω (author)2014-04-10

I found your account

TheExterminatingDalek (author)2014-02-03

A handy idea, although I think that our guinea pigs would eat the plastic

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