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Introduction:- Hello Guys, In this blog i'll show you or teach you that how can you make your own Hologram Projector at your home in just 5-10 mins. it is very easy and very cheap. You can turn your smartphone into 3D holographic video viewer with this simple DIY projector. Unfortunately, this illusion is not a true 3D hologram, it is still uses 2D image/animation/videos to create or generate the effect, while a true hologram is recreates a 3D object or thing and with latest technology it requires the use of diode laser beam, glass and accurate glass position, it's very occurred and time consuming.

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Step 1: Collect All Parts and Tools for Creating This Device.

You only need couple of things for create this device:-

1.Cd Case or Acrylic glass (transparent)

2.Graph Paper


4.Scissors and Glass Cutter

5.Tape and Super Glue

Step 2: ​Now Let's Start to Make Projector.

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So, First thing you have to do is that you have to make a ruff diagram on Graph paper of pyramid side as shown in image,

here i'll make medium size of pyramid you can reduce or increase as per your requirement. Now if you want bigger then the Base=18 Cm, Height=10.5 and Top (1 Cm or 2 Cm)is as it is. And if you want small then this then the Base = 6, Height=3.5 Cm and Top =1 Cm

Step 3: Cut the Glass

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Now cut glass or Cd cover with cutter as dimension as we decide in graph paper,

cut same 4 pics of acrylic glass as shown in fig.

Step 4: Join Glass Pieces Together

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Now attach glass with each other by tape of super glue,



done, congratulation,
Now you want some videos and smartphone. so go to next step for that illusion.

Step 5: Search for Video on YouTube.

Now, take your Smartphone and go to YouTube and search hologram videos. You can find lots of 4 SIDE hologram videos.Put your hologram projector on center of your smart phone and play videos and make sure to turn off your room lights for batter observation .




Reason behind this effect
Now Some information about how it'll work:- The video that make use of this device play the same video from four direction, and when these are reflected in the panes of your device it look like a floating 3D hologram. Thank you:):):) If you have any quires , need help and any suggestion then just comment here or mail me @


Vincent14 (author)2016-05-21

Hello, where does your pyramid proportions come from, please? Could you explain these choices? (sizes, angles)

vrushank26 (author)Vincent142016-05-21

it's all done by simple math calculations.

Vincent14 (author)vrushank262016-05-22

Could you explain it publically please?

vrushank26 (author)Vincent142016-05-21

if you want any extra help WhatsApp me. +919913254701

hipime (author)2015-12-28

I found a good size for a laptop screen(mac book air) you make the triangle equilateral and 15cm/16cm long on each side

tomatoskins (author)2015-10-19

Looks great! I love all sorts of hologram effects!

vrushank26 (author)tomatoskins2015-10-26


bpatel29 (author)2015-10-19

Good but repeated in this forum , I already made it. By the way good instructions and description. Keep it up.

vrushank26 (author)bpatel292015-10-26

thanks bpatel29

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-10-19

These projectors are a great application of the pepper's ghost effect.

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