Picture of How To Make Hot Ice Using Homemade Sodium Acetate
   Have you ever wanted to play with ice, but it was just too cold for you to touch? Well, we have found a way to solve this issue using everyday household objects. Yes, we mean hot ice! Often used in handwarmers, this "ice" warms your hands with the same ice texture. This way, you can do the things that were too cold to do before!

Step 1: Making Homemade Sodium Acetate From Scratch

Picture of Making Homemade Sodium Acetate From Scratch
   If you don't want to go online and buy sodium acetate, and you want to make it, then this is for you. If you want to make it from scratch, this is how we do it. Here is what you will need:
~ 1 16 oz. box of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
~ 1 gallon jug of distiled white vinegar (acedic acid)
~ 1 clean pot for boiling (5.5 quart or larger)
~ 1 clean pot for filtering (4 quarts or larger)
~ 1 pack of coffee filters (basket style)
~ 1 small wire mesh strainer (Big enough to hold coffee filter)
~ 1 stove
~ 1 cup measuring cup for pouring hot solution through filter. 
~ 1 large clean cooking spoon for removing samples while boiling. 
~ 2 small dark dishes for holding samples (custard cups)
~ 1 clean jar to hold final solution
i dont get why in another instructable - nerdrage - he just boiled vinegar and baking soda and that is what he used to make hot ice. why have you done that step, then reboiled it with water? confused. also would it work with tap water not distilled?
Zenmaster263 years ago
I think you guys could face your pictures correctly
scoochmaroo3 years ago
This looks like fun. Any chance you could rotate some of your images and make them all look a bit more uniform? What a great science project!