Introduction: How to Make Hot Pockets (Homemade)

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Hot pockets are delicious and we all love them, but they also contain lots of fat and lots of processed meat and chemicals. Learn how to make healthy and delicious hot pockets, the right way.

Step 1: Adding the Filling to the Tortilla

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Start off with a tortilla and add the filling, Here I added mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce wich gives it a nice pizza flavor.

Pizza filling:

You'll need mozzarella cheese (1/3 of a cup) and the tomato sauce (1/4 of a cup) or however much you would like, you can also add meat or ham, like I did.

Cheeseburger filling:

2 pieces of Kraft cheese, and ground beef.

Classic Turkey Sandwich filling:

Spread a little bit of mayo around the tortilla, add the turkey or ham, some a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese, and lettuce.

Step 2: Fold It Like a Burrito

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Fold your tortilla with the filling like a burrito, keep rolling and put the top tortilla under the filling!

Step 3: Grilling Your Hot Pocket

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Okay, now you can start grilling your hot pocket, you can do this in a small grilling home machine.

After it gets golden brown, you can get your hot pocket.

Step 4: Cut Your Pocket!

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Cut your hot pocket in the sides of each grilling line. This will give it a nice clean and professional look!

Step 5: Eat and Enjoy!

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Sprinkle with a bit of garlic salt or pepper for a nice tangy flavor!


pcsr (author)2017-04-30

This is great with any leftovers! Wrap the tortilla around leftover chili with cheese; place it on a George Foreman Grill (of any size) or a My Chef portable electric omelette maker ( and you're good to go! Delicious!

grannyjones (author)2015-01-01

If you make vegan pockets, you need vegan tortillas--many of them contain lard.

dudedude123 (author)2014-08-27

Dude, you are a hero. I can make vegan pockets

TimJ2 (author)2014-08-17

i find it better to fold into a sqaure shape butter lightly on folded side let sear for a minute or 2 then repeat on top side gives the tortilla more of a crisp texture

eteal111 (author)2014-07-26

Jim gaffigan would be so proud...

bath514 (author)2014-07-08

You don't say it, but should you cook any raw meat before hand (hamburger,sausage,ect) ?

Boygasmo (author)bath5142014-07-11

Yes you have to cook your meat beforehand.

scottdave (author)2014-07-06

We have made something similar with a Salton Sandwich maker and tortillas and meat and cheeze filling. It makes triangles and sears the edges sealed. I do not have a picture handy at the moment, though.

brothertuck (author)scottdave2014-07-08

I still have one of those sandwich makers and they are great

efcupcake (author)2014-07-06

OMG u made meh day

bondogmom (author)2014-07-06

Thanks for this recipe! Being a vegetarian, it is not possible to find edible Hot Pockets here. I will make these and freeze them!

bmosman (author)2014-07-06

just made some of the turkey sandwich ones for lunch. Great idea, it was easy and quick to make. And on top of that it was much better than any hot pocket from the store.

sabu.dawdy (author)2014-07-05

this is yummy.

Passion Make (author)2014-07-04

Wow.. Going to make this soon!

lalomoreno (author)2014-07-03

Yes you can freeze them, I accidentally left that part out, I freeze them, put then I let them melt and I microwave :)

cecilomar (author)2014-07-03

I know it's hot ideal, and is probably not what you ihtented with this instructable, but can you freeze them? Trying to be frugal here...

sokamiwohali (author)2014-07-02

Looks delicious. I will have to try this!!

cheetoman1205 (author)2014-07-02

Thank you so much can't wait to make it

Boygasmo (author)2014-07-02

You can fold in the back and front then roll it. It traps in the fillings from spilling out. Nice tutorials! I love Hot pockets!

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