How to Make It Rain Cactus





Introduction: How to Make It Rain Cactus

About: hi, i am 11 years old. i play minecraft alot. tell me some instructables to do

This instructable will show you how to make it rain cactus in minecraft pe

Step 1: Get Started

The materials are: flat sand and cactus

Step 2: Cactus

Put cactus on each other until you get up

Step 3: Another One

Like the step before, put cactus. Note: don't put it beside it or it will rain easily

Step 4: Rain

Mine the cactus and it will rain! Have fun



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    awesome although it only lasts for about five very funny

    It's raining cactus! From outta the sky, cactus...

    just because you are a kid doesn't mean you didnt copy me!

    First i am a kid, second i saw this on youtube not on your instructable

    wtf man you just copied my instructable!

    13, 7:29 AM.jpg