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This gives you instructions to make delectable jello shots

Step 1: Gather materials

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-6 packets jell-o sugar free strawberry.
-4 1/2cups water
-1 small bottle of Arbor Mist (Strawberry)
-1 package of 3oz dixie bathroom cups
dannyvelt6 years ago
Lololol arbor mist. good choice.
skelkeys7 years ago
How to make a jello shot

Good info on jello shots, and a ton of drinking games to go along with them. I'm a voluntary alcoholic on the weekends hehe
Can you replace the Arbor Mist with something else, like vodka, rum or tequilla?? And does the Jell-O have to be sugar free??
joeliolyijr (author)  thisxisxstephanie7 years ago
it doesnt have to be sugar free and you can replace it with any type of alcohol. i just like the flavor combanation with arbor mist
Oh, and how many ounces are the Jell-O packages you used? Are they the smaller ones or larger ones? I think I can figure it out though...
Awesome. Thanks!
alissia7 years ago
thanks now I will entertain my buddies
joeliolyijr (author) 7 years ago
i need to get batteries for my camera because they just died.
I've finally given in and bought myself several 15 minute batteries (I originally had 2 AA's and 4 AAA's of this kind). They work great, last a long time (even in a power hungry camera), and are recharged and ready in 15-20 minutes (they need to cool down for about 1-5 minutes cause they heat up). I took my prototype wallet apart and used the cassette case to hold 9 of them. I'm gonna glue a piece of Velcro on it to hold it shut.

Here's the seller I got them from
LasVegas7 years ago
What is wrong with using a cheap camera to include pictures?
ARVash7 years ago
just make sure if you make it alcoholic, make sure you let little ones know it's not their desert :P. *would kill for jello back then*