Introduction: How to Make Jewerly

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Ever wanted to make jewelry but never new how or what to make it out of, well her's how to in 5 simple steps that are very quick.

Step 1: Designing

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If your going to make jewelry you got to design it first designing is just making something you see and putting it on paper

Step 2: Materials and Tools

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Now sense you know what your making you got to figure out what you need to make it out of like scrap metal,wire,old jewels and more also get the tools for the job like pliers and a welder and more

Step 3: Start Project

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Know sense you got all your materials prepared start putting your wires and metal together to create jewelry to do that just look at the pic below or over the paragraph.

Step 4: Final Ending

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You are know finished you can wear your jewelry how ever you'll like to maybe even modify your design


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