How to Make Jika-Tabi (Outdoor Ninja Shoes)




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Introduction: How to Make Jika-Tabi (Outdoor Ninja Shoes)

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Jika-tabi are a type of shoe usually worn in japan. They are like socks with a rubber sole(see second picture) and are very comfortable. But, if your like me, you don't have the $40 required to get a pair. :(   so, i invented a way to make them yourself! you may have seen the instructable: , and so i thank "a splosion" for the insperation so i could upgrade his running shoes.

Step 1: Supplies

You Will Need:
~ crocs ( a type of foam shoe, but the sole from any shoe will work. you can find crocs here:!672124011%2Cn%3A679255011%2Cn%3A679313011%2Cp_4%3Acrocs%2Cp_36%3A679782011&bbn=679313011&ie=UTF8&qid=1296089127 but you can look around for what works.)
~ hot glue (you will need the gun too)
~ two pairs of socks
that's it!
for any questions refer to pictures.

Step 2: Clean the Crocs!

I had an old pair of crocs, (they wouldn't fit me any more, but now they do!) but they were covered in mud! So i cleaned them!

The crocs will have to be free of all mud to let the hot glue stick well. They will also need to be as dry as possible.

Step 3: Cut the Groove.

Now that the crocs are clean you will need to remove the sole from it.

to do this is a fairly straightforwards process... use the scissors to cut along the groove between the sole and top "sandal" part.

follow the illustration:

Step 4: Glue the Shoe!

Now that you have a sole, you need to attach the sock to it.

WARNING: you will be stepping in partially solidified hot glue. it should not be hot enough to burn you, but if done wrong, this could KILL YOU!!! (nah, it may hurt your foot for a few seconds, just follow the 'ible carefully!)
DISCLAIMER: i am not responsible for you being stupid and burning yourself. so DON'T try to sue me for you burning yourself.

After all that legal hubbub, we will start by making a zig-zag pattern so make sure to cover the sole pretty thoroughly.

You then wait about 30 seconds, make sure your socks are on tight, then step in the sole and jump around to solidify the glue in a comfortable pattern. (test the heat of the glue with your finger before stepping in it, it should still be a liquid when you step in it)

Let the glue solidify for a little while (around 1 min.) then take it off and do the other one.

You will notice small spaces between the sock and the very edges of the sole, we will fill those in in a minuet.

Step 5: Fill the Holes

now you will fill all of the holes left over with hot glue.
this is hard to explain so follow the images.

Step 6: Make a Toe Guard.

now you will make a guard for your toe. make this one layer at a time after putting your hand in the sock as a foot mold.

Step 7: And Now Make a Back Guard.

put your hand in the shoe again except in the back and make a back guard. (makes the shoe stay on better) same method as before.
after you do this you will half to wait for it to dry before setting it down as the back guard can warp if it's still hot.

Step 8: Give It Some Ninja Traction!

now you will give it some of the good traction that jika-tabi are famous for!

follow along all of the grooves in the sole with glue and let it dry. you will have instant traction!

you may have to re-apply the "traction" after a while of good wear-and-tear.

Step 9: Finished!!! (Kinda)

great!, your done... but, if they don't have the ninja look you want, go to the next steps.

Step 10: Paint It Black!

ninja shoes should be black, right? so then use a sharpie to color the hot glue and edges of the sole, well black.

Step 11: Actually FINISHED! :D

now you are finally done!

put them on and go wild!

if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below.
some random images:



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    It looks excellent, but how hard is the sole I am wondering? I was thinking of using semi-hardened leather so that it has a good grip and can still move silently.

    This really does look like a good way to use Crocs! And since I also practice Parkour(amateur for now), I can see how it can work.

    Parkour is a great way to keep your body in shape, and the best means to get away from a pursuer while on foot.

    Jika tabi are quite useful for parkour, ESPECIALLY for climbing fences.

    If you want a good local workout, go and find the tallest fence you can find ( the best ones are at schools, and near ball parks), and climb it as far as you can go using only your hands and shoes.

    Jika tabi come in handy because you can position your toes in between the link in the fence, and have firmer control over your actions.

    Nice! But... there not tabi :/ tabi are Japanese split toed boots, there used in parkour a lot due to them being light, tight to the foot and have great grip for climbing, the split toe can be used to climb a rope :P

    3 replies

    Your right, these are not tabi, but a cheap tabi substitute! I do parkour and these work really well. They are light, they have very good grip, and shock absorbsion for big jumps from the foam. Sadly they do not have the split toe, but hopefully by next October I will have made a split-toe version... And of corse I will post that too!

    :) you should try these, I'm wearing mine right now! They are super comfortable.

    Really? I do parkour to! But I renamed it Skoosing (skoo-sing) because I'm in Australia!