Picture of How To Make Kiwi Punch!
This yummy punch made from kiwis is great for a party, or a snack, watching a movie, picnic, lunch, or just to have it for the goodness. Its very simple to make so give it a try (even if its green!) I even got my 6 year old brother to taste it! And he loved it! It makes about 2 cups!

Step 1: Things You Really Need

  • Knife (be careful this is dangerous)
  • Peeler (be careful this has a very sharp blade)
  • Juicer (just don't juice your finger!)
  • Cutting board
  • Strainer
  • Food Processor (This is very dangerous be very careful)
Food You Need:
  • 7 Kiwis
  • Juice of 2 Limes
  • 1 Cup of Water
  • 1/2 Cup of Sugar (I used Maple Sugar)
  • Ice (optional)
  • Note: it makes about 2 cups!
RDeUslar2 years ago
Hi, one of my students chose your instructable for their advertising workshop, they did the nameing, packaging and ad campaign, hope you like it.
gora_ji6 years ago
Hey amakerguy -
you appear to be a child who knows no better so ... the 'Kiwi' (proper name CAPS intended!) is a New Zealand flightless bird! See here <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiwi">KIWI LINK</a>. Highly endangered. The word is also applied to a New Zealander - do NOT annoy them they turn feral.

What you refer to is a KiwiFruit <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiwifruit">LINK HERE</a> a marketing name applied to the Chinese Gooseberry.

You're also probably american (lower case just doesn't LOOK right does it?) as the term you used is as commonly done in the U(S) truncated to the lowest manageable common denominator. Oh well ... you do have a great President.

And the drink's not bad either. Have you considered advising the KiwiFruit Marketing Board now known as <a href="http://www.zespri.com/">ZESPRI</a>? They'd love to use the recipe.

More KiwiFruit <a href="http://www.foodworks.co.nz/directory/links2.htm">HISTORY here</a>
Kyram00 gora_ji3 years ago
Way to fail bro. You could stop being such a buthead against Americans and just enjoy the post. People post stuff on here to teach you how to make things, because they're generous enough to share their knolege with you.

Posting rediculous critisisms and being technical about everything is kinda pathetic, and i find it ridiculous you would post this kind of stuff about a kid, who even if he didn't know much about anything was still knowledgable enough to show you how to make this drink. Which i might add you still made.

How about you just grow up and compliment the guy (or kid) about the post, and thank him, OR if you cant do that, just dont comment at all.
AidanG gora_ji3 years ago
In the US, they're just called kiwis. Most Americans don't know of the bird, or that it's an Australian / Kiwi nickname for New Zealander.
=SMART= gora_ji6 years ago
umm, you failz at links. and everyone knows he isnt referring to the bird, dont be so pedantic
they aren't hyperlinked, but they are still accessible links.
this brings to light an interesting subject on what words actually mean, do words mean what the dictionary says they mean or what the population uses the words for?

anyways this instructable sounds delicious!
amakerguy (author)  gora_ji6 years ago
oh and that's not me in the pictures that's my little brother.
amakerguy (author)  gora_ji6 years ago
Wow, why do you know so much about Kiwis and the fruit? I knew about the birds I've seen them on TV. Yeah I hate are president he's just not that good. And I don't know what the Kiwifruit Marketing Board is, what is it? and one more thing... HTML does not work in the comments.
IronWill3 years ago
I don't really like Kiwi...but I have to admit the kid seems pretty convincing. Might be worth the try.
how does it taste?? explain please...
i mean like how specific is it , kiwis have this sortof sour taste that stays for a while in your mouth..so how does this taste???
amakerguy (author)  crampedyogapositions6 years ago
Well with the lime its pretty good sorta like a kiwi limeade punch.
microman1716 years ago
Hehe, people told me foreigners called them kiwis. I'm a kiwi (a New Zealander), and we call them kiwi fruit. In the bay of plenty of the north island, they are widely grown. You can find them in either Golden yellow, or green. I prefer the green ones =)
I love kiwi! This sounds really good. :D