Step 1: Materials

Two purple ends and two long knex sticks

Step 2: Put Ends Onto Knex Sticks

Step 3: All Done

Step 4: Play

<p>This is waaay to complicated...................NOT.</p><p>Why would you publish an instructable that takes only 2 seconds to build?</p><p>Anyone can think of this if they want knex drumsticks.</p>
I like how the most simple post has the third most views in the first page of recent k'nex posts. <br>But, will these drumsticks withstand grindcore blasting? ;p
Ummm... Not going to say anything...
Haha Cool
OMG, how the hell did you think of that innovative idea?? :D
I don't have enough pieces :(
Does it work if I don't have a wooden table to put my pieces on?
It's too hard to build :)
That's amazing ;D
Idk, seems a little too complicated for me ;)

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