How To Make Laser Cut Business Cards with Wood

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Introduction:  Laser Cut business cards can create be quite impressive with even simple designs.  I usually cut these cards for my best clients so that they are less inclined to throw them out and even display them more prominently on their desks (and are even more inclined to call me back!)

Currently I use either artboard (that has white on each side and cardboard in the middle) this gives me a nice textured look. Or, I use wood veneers that I get from a carpenter (recycled samples.)  You can buy the wood veneers at Southern Lumber (in San Jose off of Curtner Ave.) or many hardware/lumber stores in sample packs.

I use the Epilog Laser Cutter at the Techshop  and even though I am fairly new with the Laser Cutter I have been able to create some designs I am very happy with, and I am happy to say "I made it at TechShop!"
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Step 1: Step 1 - Gather your design details

Picture of Step 1 - Gather your design details
The first thing to do is decide what kind of business card you will cut and etch.  The standard business card dimensions (in the U.S.) are 3" wide by 2" high.

As in any business card design, when you design it be sure to give yourself some room near the borders (edge) of the card so that you do not get too close.  This can be more of an issue when you deal with traditional printing that uses bleeds.  But in this case we will just avoid getting too close so that we have a balanced design and if you do any vector (cuts) then you can avoid the thin pieces of wood veneer from fallin apart.  Try and keep cuts in your design closer to the center.