Picture of How To Make Latex Scars
When my girlfriend dumped me I found hobbies to busy myself in... Sadly enough, making latex scars was one of them. I am not experienced in any way, this is how I do them, they don't look amazing but some of them turn out quite realistic.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need
1 Bottle of Liquid Latex (check on eBay for good prices)
A Syringe (optional)    Used for a fine, controled flow of latex
Medium & extra fine paint brushes
Red, dark pink & light-medium brown paints
A piece of paper for a dry brush effect


could you do it with one or two layers
I dare say you could but it wouldn't have the same effect and the paint may come off.

Since making this, I have found out that gelatin is much better for prosthetics, I may be posting an instructable on this at some point.