How to Make Lego Head Beads


Introduction: How to Make Lego Head Beads

About: Art made from scraps. Instagram: Ollysartsnscraps

 You will need, 
- Lego heads
- Lego hats
- Super Glue
- Drill
- Drillbit 

Step 1: Find the Right Hat for Your Bead

once you have found the right hat for the right head, move onto step 2

Step 2: Drill Holes

using a drill bit the same size as the hole in the head underneath, drill up with the drill through the hat, then
super glue together.

Step 3: DONE!

Use on bracelets, neckal



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    3 Discussions

    who would want a bracelet that has lego heads on them? Kinda obnoxious.

    Lego wasn't designed to be drilled holes in them. If the people who created lego wanted holes in them, they would of had put holes in them