Hello there! Today I was putting salt into my hand sanitizer so it would be gritty. I needed something to get things off my hands better. Then, it turned to liquid after I shook it up... I thought, "What the heck did I just do?!?!" So I made another batch to show on the instructables world!

Step 1: Materials

You need a couple if materials------- 1. Germex 2. Salt. (I used kosher) 3. Funnel. 4. Small plastic bowl 5. Measuring spoons 6. Filter of some sort
Okay! Thank you! It really sounded better than it turned out! I more did it because if the reaction than the sanitization.
So now you need to rinse your hands off after using the no-rinse hand sanitizer because it left a salty film on your hands? <br> <br>I think the addition of salt breaks down the emulsified sanitizer. It breaks down the adhesion of the molecules that is holding the gel together. Throwing salt on the kitchen soap bubbles/foam in the sink after washing dishes makes it go down. <br> <br>
and they add pumice to those garage hand no-water soap lotions for grit.

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