For this tutorial, I chose to make jerky from goat liver. A 500 gram piece cost me $2.02, which is pretty cheap. You can use this method for any type of organ meat like kidneys, hearts etc. The actual preparation time for these treats was about 45 minutes, not counting the boiling and drying of the meat.

If you make the liver pieces small enough, this can be a suitable treat for cats.

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Step 1: Cutting The Liver

Cut the liver into 2 X 2 inch chunks, like in the second picture. Now is the time to preheat the oven to it’s lowest setting, which is usually 250F.

Thanks so much for this my dog wont leave me along affter he saw what i was doing! Great tips I making this mainly becouse I am sick of shop bought treats that make his tummy upset! Thanks once again!
Is there a reason why you can't just dry the liver without boiling it first? I wouldn't know, I'm interested.<br /> <br /> L<br />
Boiling the liver cuts down on the drying time, the mess factor and makes the liver easier to cut into slivers. Boiling the liver cooks the meat juices so they won't end up gumming up your cookie sheet when you're drying it in them in the oven.
<p>Ah, I was wondering why you boiled first. I've made dried liver for my dogs (in my dehydrator) and used raw liver. <br><br>Laying parchment paper on your cookie sheet will make cleaning the pan a breeze. I put parchment paper on the bottom of my dehydrator for just that reason.</p>
I just made these for my dogs. They are like doggie crack! My dogs sat at the bottom of the stairs staring and whining at the dehydrator on the other side of the gate for hours! Thanks for the Instructable!
did you boil the liver first or put in the dehydrator without boiling. i have a food dehydrator and was wondering if i could skip the boiling.
<p>I've made liver jerky for my dogs, and did not boil it first. Not sure why the author decided to boil before drying.</p>
Awwww. So happy that your pups loved the treats :D
Awesome 'ible! Our dog is addicted to Beggin Strips and this will be a healthier (and cheaper!) alternative. Thanks!
What kind of shelf life do these have?
As long as the treats are 100% dried, they can last for months.

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