These are sweet fire starters but they aren't waterproof. They also make a huge flame.

Step 1: Materials

Paper cupcake cups Paraffin wax Dryer lint

Step 2: Adding the Wax and Lint

Start melting the wax. Take the cupcake cups and add the dryer lint. Once the wax is melted, pour the wax into the cups with the lint. Don't fully cover the lint, but leave a little of lint un-covered so it has a chance to ignite. Then fold the cup over the lint.

Step 3: Lighting

Now all you gotta do is light the outside cup and watch it go. Good luck and be safe. Don't burn your house down :)

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Bio: I am an outdoorsmen. I hunt, fish, and hike. I love the forest and camping. I like the survival kind of stuff.
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