Picture of How To Make Love
In this instructable, new ways to make love are explored. You can make love for valentine's day. Several examples with explicit pictures are given. Enjoy!

Step 1: To make lots of love we need a pattern

Picture of To make lots of love we need a pattern
The pattern for love is cut from cardstock with scissors. Just go into the word processor and pick a font, select size, outline, print and cut.
Thanks to you, my girlfriend and I have made love everyday for this past week! We even helped our parents make love!....Oh my god...*mentally scarred*
woelfwynde5 years ago
This is what I call "tongue-in-cheek".
Nice job.
Short One6 years ago
That SERIOUSLY needs a new title.
PKM6 years ago
Hmm.. could be entitled "How to make lots of sex puns signs" :)

I dispute that the upright position is impractical. As long as your letters are well-formed and have a decently sized base, or something to lean against, there's nothing to stop you making love standing up making a sign like the one in step 5.

OK, I'm done
pkm , you have an odd mind ;D
freckleface6 years ago
lol. I *love* it! As always, good directions, photos and cleverly done. <3
Really good. Haven't stopped snickering to my self for the last two hours.
mg0930mg6 years ago
Cool, erm... a little dirty?;D