How to Make Love





Introduction: How to Make Love

In this instructable, new ways to make love are explored. You can make love for valentine's day. Several examples with explicit pictures are given. Enjoy!

Step 1: To Make Lots of Love We Need a Pattern

The pattern for love is cut from cardstock with scissors. Just go into the word processor and pick a font, select size, outline, print and cut.

Step 2: First Way to Make Love Is With Plain Cardboard.

I cut these out on the bandsaw. Use the letter pattern of love to outline letters, then cut.

Step 3: Make Plain Love

Letters made out of styrofoam, cut on hotwire machine.

Step 4: Make Your Love Stand Out

If Love is painted in the color of your choice, it will be more enduring, and look better, too. I chose red here.

Step 5: Make Love Standing Up

In this shot, love is made in the upright position. This is not really practical, but is an option.

Step 6: There Can Be Contrast in Making Love

Here, cardboard is shown against a white background. Quite a contrast in love.

Step 7: Bugs and Bees in Love!

Self explanatory....

Step 8: Keep the Faith, Have Hope and Make Love.

Faith, hope and love mounted on a 6 x 6 inch tile. EPS foam cut on hotwire machine.

Step 9: Love Can Be Blue

It's easy to make love blue...better that it's not though, don't you think?

Step 10: Different Hues of Love

How quickly love can change! Use different paints to change the hue of love.

Step 11: And They Called It Puppy Love.

Puppy love happens!

Step 12: Cement Your Love With a Rose.

Here a paper rose is made to embellish and improve on love.



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Thanks to you, my girlfriend and I have made love everyday for this past week! We even helped our parents make love!....Oh my god...*mentally scarred*

This is what I call "tongue-in-cheek".
Nice job.

That SERIOUSLY needs a new title.


Hmm.. could be entitled "How to make lots of sex puns signs" :)

I dispute that the upright position is impractical. As long as your letters are well-formed and have a decently sized base, or something to lean against, there's nothing to stop you making love standing up making a sign like the one in step 5.

OK, I'm done

lol. I *love* it! As always, good directions, photos and cleverly done. <3

Really good. Haven't stopped snickering to my self for the last two hours.

Cool, erm... a little dirty?;D