Introduction: How to Make Lucky Stars

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You can make these lucky stars and write messages and fortunes in them. Fill a jar or box and you could gift it to your friend, family etc.

Step 1: Making Strips

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Make your strips from any color A4 size paper. The strip should be half an inch wide.

Step 2: Make a Knot

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Make a knot and you should get a pentagon like shape

Step 3: Inserting Flap in Pocket

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The extra flap should be inserted into the pocket.

Step 4: Write a Message

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Write a message on the long extra strip.

Step 5: Wrap It!

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Step 6: Insert Into Pocket

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Insert the extra flap into the pocket.

Step 7: Pop It!

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Pinch the edges with your fingers and it is done.

Step 8: Summary

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