It's mind-blowing to think this stuff is in our food!  Here's how to make a glowing "magical mud" from ordinary potatoes.

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Step 1: Watch the Video!

WARNING: This substance can make quite a mess, so make it in an area that will be easy to clean up. It's non-toxic, and perfectly ok to eat in small quantities, however, use of video content is at own risk.

<p>This is a great idea, but I don't like that you have to have a black light to make it glow.</p>
<p>so cool this is going to be my science project</p>
<p>i like your idea</p>
<p>No its a bad idea</p>
<p>I'm doing this for my science fair project right now</p>
<p>What if the waters brown?</p><p>Does that mean its not going to work???</p>
<p>No not at all</p>
<p>it is okay if the water turns red or brown just </p>
<p>no it probably still work or continue stirring</p>
<p>has anyone tried it with cornstarch?</p>
<p>Yes it works id rather do it with pataos, it is more interesting and there is a whole science behind it.!!!!!</p>
How many patatoes do u use
<p>You can put as much as you want. For example: if you want a little bit of mud than put around 5 patatos, but if you want a lot of mud then you put a lot of patatos!!!! I already tried, trust me im correct!!!!! :) </p>
<p>you use about 20 potatoes</p>
<p>How come my magic mud doesn't turn into a powder plzzzzzz someone answer we need to do this for our project!! :(</p>
<p>Weird but cool</p>
<p>that is what i am doing</p>
<p>hi peps</p>
<p>Can you add iron fillings to it?</p>
<p>how can i get enought of the white liquid.. cuz i did it but i barely see the white liquid and i use a whole bag of potatoes.</p>
<p>My daughter wants to use magic mud experiment for a science fair project. She needs to include a graph or a chart for the project. Does anyone have any ideas on what to put on the graph or chart?</p>
<p>does this really work</p>
<p>You could purchase a highlighter pens for neon green, pink and other colors. Break it open and put little amount in and it would have different colours? Just an idea!</p>
<p>does it work...have u tried it</p>
<p>No I have not... but obviously neon high lighters do glow under black light. Raves and such. </p>
<p>Clever! :D</p>
<p>Just not gonna be eddible. </p>
<p>brown colour does not appear... wat to do... need urgent help pls</p>
<p>how hot does water have to be, because i put the kettle on and i stopped it half way so the water wouldn't be boiling. I put the water into the boal with the chopped potatoes and the colour went really light brown. It's see through, so would it still work</p>
<p>How long do you have to stir it? And when I did stir it, the water stayed clearish,not brown. I'm I doing something wrong? Help.</p>
Coolest thing ever
<p>this is a amazing idea</p>
<p>what do u use?</p>
I need your name for my science fair I'm doing this for science fair !!!i need last first and middle initial
<p>did you know why it reacts like this? i want to use this in my science fair too but i have no idea why it reacts in that way</p>
<p>I made it and it keeps solidifying </p>
<p>That's what happens when you push on it or theres not enough water</p>
<p>what happens if the liquid is brown</p>
<p>what makes it turn into pouder</p>
<p>Leaving it out too long</p>
<p>how to make this without tonic water?</p>
<p>Basically you do the step and if it dries out just add water again :)</p>
<p>what is the cornstarch recipe?</p>
<p>half cup water, one cup cornstarch.</p>
<p>Dose it really work ??</p>
<p>what happens if the liquid is brown</p>
That's amazing
<p>what is the magic powder??? </p>
<p>corn starch</p>

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