How to Make Hair Bow Instruction--Mini Bow Hair Clips





Introduction: How to Make Hair Bow Instruction--Mini Bow Hair Clips

Make the perfect mini bow every time.

Step 1: Make a Chipboard Template As Shown.

Use 3/8" ribbon, 4" long.

Step 2: Place the Ribbon

under the template as shown.

Step 3: Wrap

the ribbon over.

Step 4: The Other Side

Step 5: 5. Thread Elastic Thread As Shown

You can find elastic thread at Walmart or Joane's notion wall.

Step 6: Wrap Several Times

Step 7: Back View

Step 8: Pull Tight and Make the Knot.

Step 9: Right Side View

Step 10: Remove Mini Bow From the Template

Step 11: Cut

The ribbon used is too short -about 3.5". Should look like the image in step 12 if use 4" ribbon.

Step 12: Cut Like This

Decorate the center by either sewing a tiny pearl or wrapping a piece of narrow ribbon. See images in step 13.

Step 13: Hair Clips

Step 14: Examples

Upper hair bow: Use 5/8" ribbon & 1.5" wide template, 1/4" ribbon to wrap the center. Lower: Use 3/8" ribbon & 1" template, 1/8" ribbon to wrap the center.

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    Thanks,I just tried it and it came out perfect!

    Just made these, they came out beautifully. There was no chipboard (out of stock) at our craft store, so we use regular cardboard and thin cardboard (think soda fridge pack) and varied the widths and it worked great also. Thanks so much!!

    these are just adorable! beautiful, but simple enough to wear two without overpowering my 4 yr. olds little head. thanks a bunch for the "know how"!