Picture of How To Make Miniature Sofa for Dollhouse.
I would like to share my first mini couch tutorial that I made a couple of weeks ago. I made it for my sister's dollhouse.Its so easy and fun to make.

Ok so,these are the materials:

corrugated cardboard sheet.
Fabric of your choice.
small bottle caps.
rope like thread.
10 mm square or round beads.
cotten for stuffing or thick foam if u like.

Step 1: Making the Base

Measure and cut 3 x 3inch square of  corrugated cardboard.Cut 3 pieces of same size of the cardboard to get required thickness.Now apply glue to the pieces of cardboard and join them.Take your Fabric and glue it on the cardboard pieces. i'm sewing it because my fabric is stretchy and i was not getting the required result by glue.and now your base is ready.
thesidra243 years ago
hello nimra ,..
this is sidra .
very welldone with the sofa , i love the idea of bottle caps ..lol
candyfloss18 (author)  thesidra243 years ago
Oh very cute! I wish I would have had this tutorial when I was little. There would have been tiny couches EVERYWHERE.
candyfloss18 (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Awww thank u soo much for liking it :)
Random233 years ago
Great little guide. I will help my 7 year old make some for her Calico Critters and felted mouse. She will love it. Thanks.
candyfloss18 (author)  Random233 years ago
Nice i will look forward for a pic of it