Easter is just around the corner and one of the stables for this holiday are dyed eggs. I hope you like my version of the famous Despicable Me characters of the Minions as Easter eggs. 

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Ingredients: (amounts depend on how many eggs you dye)
Hard-Boiled Eggs
Yellow & Blue Food Coloring
White Vinegar

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These look fab, thanks for the tute! I may just have to try them out, although suspect I'll opt for using googly eyes as I doubt my 4yr old will wait long enough for the icing to set!
Its sooo cute but i dont get how u do it
watch the video
Very cute. The eggs really look good as minion characters. Thanks for posting.
no. thank you for watching. your support keeps me going
very nice
<p>Interesting approach! Thank you for the ... uhmm recipe :)</p>
thanks...recipe or how to....:-)
<p>Thanks Penolopy :D</p>

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