How To Make Minion Easter Eggs

video How To Make Minion Easter Eggs
Easter is just around the corner and one of the stables for this holiday are dyed eggs. I hope you like my version of the famous Despicable Me characters of the Minions as Easter eggs. 

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Ingredients: (amounts depend on how many eggs you dye)
Hard-Boiled Eggs
Yellow & Blue Food Coloring
White Vinegar

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RuthyToothy10 months ago
These look fab, thanks for the tute! I may just have to try them out, although suspect I'll opt for using googly eyes as I doubt my 4yr old will wait long enough for the icing to set!
13kenzie1310 months ago
Its sooo cute but i dont get how u do it
thevegetarianbaker (author)  13kenzie1310 months ago
watch the video
bob303010 months ago
Very cute. The eggs really look good as minion characters. Thanks for posting.
thevegetarianbaker (author)  bob303010 months ago
no. thank you for watching. your support keeps me going
torchbearer10 months ago
very nice
thevegetarianbaker (author)  torchbearer10 months ago
zomicks10 months ago

Interesting approach! Thank you for the ... uhmm recipe :)

thevegetarianbaker (author)  zomicks10 months ago
thanks...recipe or how to....:-)


Thanks Penolopy :D