How to Make Mowing Headphones





Introduction: How to Make Mowing Headphones

Make your own headphones to protect your ears and listen to music while you mow, trim and blow.



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    About a year ago I made headphones almost exactly like these except with non-buds and orange rather than yellow soundproof headphones. Interesting to see that other people come up with the same ideas! Nice work :D

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    I have been trying to figure this out for years. I have been a woodworker for a long time, so have always had protectors. I just got into running and got the running headphones. One day, they were laying next to each other and I thought, duh, this is perfect, no modification required. They work perfectly, and I can still use each separately. Sometimes ideas are litterally sitting in front of us.

    Have you tried these on a commercial airliner, especially while listening to Podcasts?

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    I have only used them for yardwork, but, from my experience, that is louder than the cabin of an airplane, so I think they would work well.

    For a while there were a few Instructables on creating one's own noise cancelling headphones by following methods similar to yours. I have a set of hearing protectors similar to what you used, but mine were designed to be used by shooters on a firing range. After trying that and several other things on a commercial jet aircraft, I concluded the best home grown noise cancelling headphone arrangement for listening to Podcasts is to get some earbuds with those little soft rubber cups that seal against outside sounds. (Lying down next to a running vacuum cleaner is a good way to test when no airline flights are booked for a while.)

    Another good idea. Earbuds will not stay in, for me, especially when I am bouncing around the yard on my mower. I am a runner and a woodworker, so I happened to have both the items on hand, and they work suprisingly well together.