Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need: 1)two different colors of nail polish (I suggest white/VERY light pink and light purple) 2)nail polish remover (I suggest one with 100% acetone, it will take the nail polish off 5x faster) 3)music sheet music 4)cotton balls 5)copier/printer 6)rubbing alcohol 7)a bowl 8)scissors 9)a nail filer 10)a clear coat of nail polish

Step 2: Copy Your Sheet Music

Copy your sheet music and print it out. I would show you how, but you most likely have a different printer/copier than me. :(

Step 3: Prepare Nails

Wash and file nails, and if you want, apply a base coat to your nails.

Step 4: Apply Color Coat to Nails

Apply about 3 coats of nail polish to your nails. If you want, paint your thumb, index finger, middle finger and pinkie light purple, and your ring finger light pink.

Step 5: Cut Out Music Notes

While you are waiting for your nails to dry, cut out the music you want on your nails.

Step 6: Paste Sheet Music Onto Nails

Carefully poor the rubbing alcohol into your bowl. The place the sheet music on your nails and soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol. Rub the alcohol onto the sheet music while it is RIGHT SIDE DOWN on your nails. Hold the paper in place for a couple minutes then gently peel it off. You may mess up a few times, but that's ok. Just paint over the nail and retry after it dries. Good luck!!!
You have to put the music on so that it is backwards or upside down
I tried this several times and the music notes never got onto my nail at all.
I used to have that same printer lol

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