As an unemployed high school student, I don't have a lot of cash to spend on Christmas gifts, so I try to make them as well as purchasing them. Homemade gifts are always thoughtful, so I try to make things people in my family need. My Aunt has been wanting some new napkin rings for a while, so I decided to give making some a shot. I still had a lot of silverware left over from this instructable, so that seemed like a logical thing to use.

*Steps 1 through 4 give instructions on how to make square rings; Step 5 gives instructions on how to make round ones.

Step 1: What You Need:

- Coping saw

- Silverware; the thinner the handle the better

- Files

- Square tubing with 1" sides or a pipe with a 1" inside diameter (for bigger napkin rings, use bigger tubing/pipes)

- A vise with soft jaws

<p>You are so smart!! Bet you can sell these. I would buy them.</p>
Thank you!
<p>These are such a great idea! I know your aunt must've been thrilled. I would be.</p>
Thank you!
Yep, pretty simple.

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