How to Make Nerf Darts





Introduction: How to Make Nerf Darts

I am going to show how to create your own Nerf Darts without spending tons of money.

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Step 1: Materials

You will need: 1/2" Caulking foam (You can get at most hardware stores for about 3$), Duck tape or hockey tape,  Scissors.

Step 2: Cut the Foam

Now you have to cut the foam to about 2" long. USE SHARP SCISSORS!!!

Step 3: Wrap the Darts

Next wrap each piece of foam about two to four full rotations.  Wrap them really tight if they keep coming loose put a dab of glue under the flap.

Step 4: Finish

You can also blow dry them so they stay straigh.  I will sometimes push a bb into one end for more weight.

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    how would these work in stock guns? dont you have to mod them to do that? anyway, here is a cheaper option that is better, it gives you more darts for effort and money. with these you do not have to mod the gun or the darts they work just like regular.

    arent they called stefans??????????????

    also where in the word could i buy caulking foam because walmart/homedepo/lowes they all dont sell it. and besides ebay/internet?????????????????? first its frb now its caulking foam make up ur minds is it frb or caulking foam???????????? not being rude just saying.

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    the name is window seal foam trip!!!

    I got mine at Lowes. it's called "Window Caulking"



    thank you i now might be able to make em

    it's stefans not stefens

    Yo DudeMan,
    This is a mind blowing example of craftmanship maaaaaan.  I love you mandude.  thanks for the heads up on the nerf deal.  Let's have a war together.  always remember, make peace, not war...just play war.  Now go get em tiger.

    2 replies