I am going to show how to create your own Nerf Darts without spending tons of money.

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Step 1: Materials

You will need: 1/2" Caulking foam (You can get at most hardware stores for about 3$), Duck tape or hockey tape,  Scissors.

Step 2: Cut the Foam

Now you have to cut the foam to about 2" long. USE SHARP SCISSORS!!!

Step 3: Wrap the Darts

Next wrap each piece of foam about two to four full rotations.  Wrap them really tight if they keep coming loose put a dab of glue under the flap.

Step 4: Finish

You can also blow dry them so they stay straigh.  I will sometimes push a bb into one end for more weight.

Have Fun,

Those scissors look pretty sharp yup.
lol <br>
arent they called stefans??????????????<br /> <br /> also where in the word could i&nbsp;buy caulking foam because walmart/homedepo/lowes they all dont sell it. and besides ebay/internet?????????????????? first its frb now its caulking foam make up ur minds is it frb or caulking foam???????????? not being rude just saying.
the name is window seal foam trip!!! <br>
<p>I got mine at Lowes. it's called &quot;Window Caulking&quot;<br /> <br /> <br /> Thanks<br /> <br /> Dave<br /> &nbsp;</p>
thank you i now might be able to make em
there called stefens.<br />
it's stefans not stefens
Yo DudeMan,<br /> This is a mind blowing example of craftmanship maaaaaan.&nbsp; I love you mandude.&nbsp; thanks for the heads up on the nerf deal.&nbsp; Let's have a war together.&nbsp; always remember, make peace, not war...just play war.&nbsp; Now go get em tiger.<br /> Supyo
thanks<br />

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