Picture of How To Make Origami Transforming Ninja Star
Start with a square piece of origami paper(What You favorite Colour!!) AND Then fold the paper in half two times and cut the paper into four squares.

Step 1: Start 2

Picture of Start 2
With one of the four squares, fold it in half by folding the upper left corner to the bottom right corner, then unfold.
artworker2 years ago
Nice! Will it slide if we make it with metal?
Niraj.Deshmukh (author)  artworker2 years ago
Thank You!! But metal This is hard .i dont,know paper Making is simple :D

maybe u could try sheetmetal

Niraj.Deshmukh (author)  echo1x4 months ago

Yes.It's hard makes and dangerous will hurt our hands.

echo1x echo1x5 months ago

it works for normal ninja stars

that's nice ~ 5
Thanx :D