Picture of How To Make Pac-Man Out Of Clay
This is my Instructable on how to make 3D Pac-Man out of clay. Enjoy
For this you will need, Clay(Yellow,Orange,Red and Black) and some clay sculpting tools.

Step 1: Pac-Mans Body/Arms

Picture of Pac-Mans Body/Arms
1. First, with the Yellow clay, take some and roll it into a nice ball

2. Secondly, grab a little bit of Yellow clay, roll it up to approximately half the width of your pinkie nail,
and about half the length of your pinkie.
Natas3ha3 years ago
So TheMystro1681 , I think you are a plug :P
But this is pretty cool , so I guess we can still be friends :P
TyroneUT083 years ago
Nice job!!
TheMystro1681 (author)  TyroneUT083 years ago
Thank you for your generosity kind sir